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모임 A,B,C,D Meeting A,B,C,D
digital print, 2011

Unknown Gathering

A story started with one spot located in Ihwa-dong, one of the old and undeveloped town in Seoul. It was basically around 60-squire meter, pretty much empty and desolate land. It looked like there was a house long time ago but somehow destroyed. There were shabby plastic tables and lots of chairs surrounding. The place was hidden by the old castle wall, this was the reason that people from out of the town couldn't easily find it. It was involving invisible magical feeling due to no expectation that such a space would be existing but also, since I was actually standing in the place, It came to me with totally open condition.
The town didn't have enough space between the houses as normally does, lake of space for even living. But they were finding a way of forming the community, no official or planed but so naturally. It was not a group that anyone can join, for instance I could never join, I was not in their own society, apart from their life. What I could find out was that they gather and scatter at sudden point, temporary or periodically. With this place as the centre, the each part of town had self-sustaining way of living.
Gardening with wire hedge, cement wall with broken grasses from bottle, stairs that people built, water road which rain drops made itself, mattress skeleton attached to the window etc. They were defending themselves but at the same time they were expressing themselves without any hypocrisy or disguise. It was mixture of public and private area. It was even ironical because this area was being chosen as the project of mural village by city government. What I got fascinated with was, not public art but each live activities that whole town was on the process.
I brought this operation system to my installation. Began with collecting spaces, which were widely distributed in odd periphery spots, made an independent object that can act as substitute, and set up a unnamed meeting in a room. The photography was taken as a proof of the meeting. Looking through the black window in the photo, it connected to paintings and sound, possible to see the landscape of the outside world where the each object originally came from. In a basic environment, a horizontal line and one simple shape at the center, each painting was a field, a stage where different events were happening.
The end was the image of planets in solar system, could be very abstract and broad concept of grouping. It was not only about the old town or people live in old town, they are just easy to be shown because they don't have any other choices. It was about making history that goes again and again through a circle. Look, do you see a man? In the timeworn TV, he continues going up and going down the stairs with his globe. What if the globe gets dirty? Don't worry, I'm sure he always can clean it up and keep going his way.