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국민 매니페스토 Kookmin Manifesto
video, 1hr. 25min, dimensions variables, 2012-2014
(background image from the internet)

<국민 매니페스토>(2012)는 2011 년 1 월부터 12 월까지 매달 국내 가요 차트 상위권에 오른 케이팝의 가사를 외치는 목소리와 그 달에 해당하는 풍경사진이 오버랩되는 영상달력이다. 이를테면 1 월은 아이유의 ‘좋은 날’ 가사에 31 장의 1 월 달력 풍경 사진이 나타난다.
나는 남한 정부가 국경 부근에 대형 스피커 11 개를 설치하여 북한을 향해 케이팝을 반복해서 튼다는 소식을 접했고, 이와 동시에 서울 대부분의 거리에서는 그 달에 히트를 치고있는 동일한 케이팝이 반복되어 재생되는 상황에 주목하였다.

Kookmin Manifesto(2012) is a film calendar of overlapping landscape images with the voice which is shouting lyrics of K-pop that was ranked top 1 on each month. For example, in January, IU's 'Good Day' Lyrics with 31 sheets of landscape photography appear. I red a news that the South Korean government installed 11 large speaker towards the North, and played K-pop repeatedly. At the same time, I could hear same K-pop songs on most of the streets in Seoul. -2014

Kookmin Manifesto is made of a single type of images and sounds, landscape pictures commonly used for calendars and oratorical reciting of K-Pop lyrics. Specifically, this work is a montage of landscape photos representing each month from January to December 2011 and the lyrics of K-Pop highly ranked in a chart in each month arranged for an oratory. Though Kookmin Manifesto shows extreme minimalism in both its subject and the technique, the effect is complex. The witty humor and severe sarcasm co-exist in this film. Especially, oratory reading of K-Pop lyrics satirizes in a double meaning. That reveals a "love obsession" symptom of today's Korean society (synchronic and horizontal satirizing), and contains system's ideological strategy that has been evolved from "oratory" to K-Pop for the past half century (diachronic and vertical satirizing). Each K-Pop song could be sweet and melancholy. However, when twelve months of a year is only full of "love songs", wouldn't it sound like systematic order(declaration to the public) only to love(or dream) and do nothing else? Particularly, considering the fact that the K-Pop is being played toward both direction; the propaganda broadcast to the North and mass media broadcast to the South, this question cannot be shaken off easily. Kookmin Manifesto extracts the most conventional images and sounds from Korean society, combines them in the simplest way to question the conventionality and resists to it. (BYUN Sung-chan)


1. Jan., IU, Good Day
2. Feb., Hyun Bin, That Man
3. Mar., Secret, Going Crazy
4. Apr., Bumsoo Kim, Please
5. May., Park Bom, Don’t Cry
6. Jun., 4Men, Once While living
7. Jul., GG, Having An Affair
8. Aug., Miss A, Good Bye Baby
9. Sep., Davichi, Don’t Say Good Bye
10. Oct., Infinite, Paradise
11. Nov., Girl’s Generation, The boys
12. Dec., Hyuna Hyunseung, Trouble Maker

This is low quality video, but it is originally HD quality!